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The Connecticut IFTA IPC System is an online processing system allowing the Department of Revenue Services to manage the requirements of the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). IFTA provides for the uniform administration of motor fuels use taxation for motor carriers operating in multiple member jurisdictions. This system has been designed to permit motor carriers to register for IFTA, order the IFTA license and decals, renew the IFTA license, file IFTA tax returns, make payments, and communicate with DRS in a safe and secure electronic environment.

The Department of Revenue Services is here to assist you. Please contact us at either (860) 297-5962, (860) 541-3222, or by email at drs.ctifta@po.state.ct.us.

System Messages
Renewal message
The renewal period for 2021 IFTA licenses has begun. You will not be receiving a renewal application in the mail, all renewals and payments will be made through the online CT IFTA IPC system. Please access your IFTA account by logging in on the CT IFTA IPC website at https://ct.iftaipc.com. Once you have accessed your account home page, click on the link "Work On IFTA". Select the 2021 year and then select Renew License, enter the information required (e.g. the number of decal sets needed), and make your payment by selecting the invoice and making the payment through the electronic payment service. DO NOT SELECT THE 2020 YEAR TO RENEW YOUR LICENSE FOR 2021. Once DRS receives your renewal request and payment, we will process your application. Your IFTA License and Decals will be sent to you generally within ten business days after DRS receives your renewal and payment. YOU MAY BEGIN DISPLAYING YOUR 2021 IFTA DECALS ON YOUR VEHICLES ON OR AFTER DECEMBER 1, 2020 IN ACCORDANCE WITH IFTA. If you need assistance, please contact DRS at (860) 541-3222. You may also view and download the various training documents and tutorials on the DRS website at www.ct.gov/drs. Click on the button "Programs & Services", then click on "CT-International Fuel Tax Agreement-IFTA". Then select the appropriate training guide from the library available.
Please be advised that IFTA accounts in a "Flagged" or "Suspend" status will not be allowed to renew their license. A "Flagged" or "Suspend" account status generally means that IFTA returns have not been filed, taxes are owed, or both. Please contact DRS at (860) 541-3222 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to discuss your account. You may also email DRS at drs.ctifta@po.state.ct.us.

450 Columbus Boulevard, Hartford, CT 06103 / Phone: 860-297-5962

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